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Natural Hair Restoration Specialist

CaMar Med Spa

Medical Spa located in Anderson, SC

If you’re one of the 80 million men and women who experience hair loss, you know how it can wreck your confidence. At CaMar Med Spa in Anderson, South Carolina, the compassionate and skilled team of medical professionals provide natural hair restoration services. Contact the office to learn more about nonsurgical options to restore your hair.

Natural Hair Restoration Q & A

Is it normal to lose hair?

Yes, due to the normal growth cycle of hair, you lose about 50-100 strands every day. This is considered normal daily hair loss. Since you have hundreds of thousands of hairs on your head, losing small amounts isn’t noticeable and isn’t a cause for concern.

Because of heat styling and coloring, as well as hormonal events like pregnancy and menopause, women tend to lose more hair on a daily basis than men. However, true hair loss and balding impact men more than women.

What is hair loss?

Though it’s normal to shed up to 100 or so hairs each day, if you see bald patches or have clumps of hair falling out, you’re likely experiencing a condition called alopecia, or hair loss.

Signs that you have hair loss include:

  • Sudden loosening of large quantities of hair
  • Gradual thinning
  • Circular bald spots
  • Receding hairline
  • Complete loss of hair all over your body
  • Widening hair part

If your hair loss troubles you, the team of experts at CaMar Med Spa can help.

What causes hair loss?

When your normal cycle of hair growth and loss gets interrupted, it results in hair loss. Some of the main causes are:

  • Family history
  • Hormonal changes
  • Medical conditions
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Chronic stress or a sudden stressful event
  • Medical therapies like radiation
  • Certain hair treatments

Some of these causes are not preventable, and there’s nothing you can do to stop the hair loss, but there are ways you can restore your hair once it has fallen out.

What is natural hair restoration?

Your dedicated team at CaMar Med Spa evaluates and diagnoses the cause of your hair loss, so Dr. Martin can customize a treatment plan that addresses your needs and goals. Nonsurgical solutions for natural hair restoration include microneedling, red light laser therapy, PRP injections, and topical solutions. No matter the approach, you can rest assured that the CaMar Med Spa’s number one goal is to help you achieve the most natural results possible.

For a fuller, healthier head of hair, call CaMar Med Spa to book a natural hair restoration consultation, or use the online scheduling feature to make an appointment at your convenience.