RETHINK THE INK.... Preparing for Your Laser Tattoo Removal

Some tattoos simply lead to a regretful glance in the mirror. People opt to have a tattoo removed for a variety of reasons: an inability to cover it, embarrassment, or a faded appearance. Fortunately, technology has come a long way. If you have become dissatisfied with your tattoo, you don’t have to live with it forever. Here are some ways you can prepare to clean the slate.

Get the lowdown on the PicoSure laser.

Laser technology has become more precise and versatile. Before you have your first treatment, do some research on the the type of laser CaMar Med Spa will use. The PicoSure laser is a step ahead of previous generations of lasers. Safe, efficient, and cost effective, this advanced laser can target all colors in a single treatment.

Have Patience, as it It takes more than one treatment to erase the ink.

Laser tattoo removal typically requires multiple treatments. The exact number of treatments will depend on the size and complexity of the tattoo. A consistent laser treatment plan will help keep you on track and give you a sense of progress. Talk to your provider about your goals and go into your treatments with realistic expectations.

Knowing the importance of giving your skin time to heal between treatments.

To minimize the chances of unnecessary side effects, treatments should be performed with enough buffer time between them. We recommend scheduling your laser tattoo removal sessions about 6-8 weeks apart. This gives the body time to remove the ink particles that have been broken down by the laser.

Ask your provider about the possible side effects and risks.

In general, laser tattoo removal can be performed on people with different skin tones. However, those with darker skin have a higher risk of discoloration. In some cases scarring can occur. Be sure to go over any concerns you have about laser tattoo removal during your initial consultation and before your first treatment session.

Maria Wardrup Maria Wardrup, has been in the Medical Field since June 1993. She has several years of experience in practice management, marketing, branding and working in the clinical ares of multiple medical practices including Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. She has over 5 years of experience in Spa Management. Maria, parallel to her operation, as a Med Spa Practice Manager, works as an Independent Consultant for 3 other medical practices. She is actively involved in continuous learning and travelling, which contributed to her developing a broad knowledge and understanding of Spa Cultures' diversities.