Facials are an effective way to get great skin care treatments and a great way to enjoy some pampering. While it’s true that facials can be relaxing and can even feel indulgent, the fact is that they’re an important part of a finding a good skin care regiman.

A facial is more of a preventive measure, even though it is very relaxing. It will help get your skin into shape over time, as long as you do your part with an at home regiman in between appointments. Plan for a facial every four weeks or so depending upon your skins particular needs to really get your complexion glowing. If you have more oily skin, it may be necessary to plan on three to four weeks between appointments. If your skin tends to be drier, you may be able to plan on a five-week schedule. Your Aesthetician will go over a customized treatment plan for you at your initial visit. She will also go over a great home regiman to keep your skin glowing in between your appointments. 

Try a facial today as your skin will look and feel great, and so will you. You and your aesthetician will develop a synchrony over time, and your skin will benefit from it.

Maria Wardrup Maria Wardrup, has been in the Medical Field since June 1993. She has several years of experience in practice management, marketing, branding and working in the clinical ares of multiple medical practices including Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. She has over 5 years of experience in Spa Management. Maria, parallel to her operation, as a Med Spa Practice Manager, works as an Independent Consultant for 3 other medical practices. She is actively involved in continuous learning and travelling, which contributed to her developing a broad knowledge and understanding of Spa Cultures' diversities.

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